Dac Coccidiose Mix 100 g

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Dac Coccidiose Mix for ornamental birds 100g



  • Loss of appetite 
  • Fluffing out feathers
  • Watery, slimy stool
  • Dirty vent feathers
  • Increased liver size
  • Swollen intestines

Recommended Treatment:

- Isolate the sick birds (temperature 28-33° C, lights dimmed)
- While treating sick animals, give any other birds preventative treatment also
- Ensure that the birds take the recommended quantities of medication; therefore, avoid the intake of nonmedicated food or water
- Administer glucose and DAC Multimix during treatment
- For serious conditions, extended treatment is recommended
- Make sure to adequately disinfect the accommodation
- Avoid contact with the hands during treatment
- If rapid movement fails to occur, consult an expert
Dosage for Coccidiosis:

Cage and averybird:
1g/200ml water for 7days, repeat after 2 days 
Parakeets and Parrots"
3g/100ml water for 7 days, repeat after 2 days