Dac Carnitrix 10+ 50 Tablets

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Dac Carnitrix 10+ (Extra strong treatment against trichomoniasis and hexamitiasis). For pigeons and birds

- Trichomoniasis
- Hexamitiasis
- Infections caused by protozoa susceptible to Carnidazole

- Carnidazole 10mg / tablet

- In adult pigeons: 1 pill per pigeon (approximately 500 g of bodyweight)
- In young pigeons: 1/2 pill per pigeon.
- All pigeons must be in quarantine during treatment, and must be treated before the breeding period.
- At the moment of the treatment, remove the until 2 hours after the treatment. Disinfect completely the and reintroduce them in the loft.
- Repeat the treatment whenever the possibility of re-infection is high, at the beginning of the breeding, when introducing new pigeons in the loft .
- All infected pigeons should be treated simultaneously to prevent untreated pigeons from acting as a source of re-infection for pigeons already treated.
- It is recommended to administer a multi-vitamin after treatment. For example Dac Multivitamins 50 pills.

- Tube of 50 pills