Dac Adeno Extra Mix 100 g

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For treatment of the Adeno-Coli Syndrome and Coccidiosis.

The combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfa give an in unison bactericidal broad-spectrum effect. Both antibiotic intervene in different ways. This combination is active against the Adeno-Coli Syndrom and Coccidiosis

- Salmonellosis (Paratyphus)
- Coccidiosis
- Intestinal infections

PACKAGING: jar 100 gram.

- For prevention during the racing season:
 1 measuring spoon (= 5 gr.) for 40 pigeons (20 kgs live-weight/2 l.drinkingwater) during 1 or 2 days, every 2 weeks, preferably starting the day after the race.

- As a treatment:
 1 measuring spoon (= 5 gr.) for 20 kgs of live-weight during 5 – 7 successive days. This cure may be repeated, if necessary, after a few days.

Adeno Extra Mix is a water soluble powder, can also be given over the feed.

- 100g jar