Nekton Nektar Plus 3000 g

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Nectar concentrate for hummers and other nectar-feeding birds

 Carefully composed and balanced formula of vital ingredients including:

Macro and Trace Elements

In their natural surroundings the main source of nourishment for these species is nectar and for some small insects. That is why the carbohydrates in NEKTAR-PLUS have been composed to copy nectar and provide the bird’s basal metabolism with the necessary energy. In the main the essential protein is already in its digested form, that is sophisticated amino acids in the natural L form, plus bee pollen. 18 indispensable amino acids are included in NEKTAR-PLUS to make sure the supply of protein is immediately available to the body. Vitamins and interrelating minerals have been added to the formula because animals can synthesise no minerals and only a few vitamins. Their diets must contain both to ensure smooth running of the metabolic machinery.

This nutritious powder must simply be mixed with lukewarm water to provide a complete diet for good health and condition.

In addition to providing a complete diet for hummers, sun birds, lorikeets and various
other nectar-feeding species of birds, NEKTAR-PLUS ensures that butterflies and
other valuable insects get an all-year-round supply of vital nutrients.