Clinee-Tril BCS 500 ml

by B C S Clinee-Tril


· Restored, dissolved in water, the biological balance in intestinal and digestive tracts.

· Gives your pigeons more condition and shape, which means, among other things, greatly improved FLY RESULTS 
and fewer loft losses of young pigeons. The pigeons become much more lively.

· Gives beautiful manure within a few days, no more spraying nestlings.

· Promotes the fertility of your pigeons and has a purifying effect.

· Promotes a very good moulting and gives a noticeably softer luster.

· Builds up extra resistance to various bad influences from outside.


Give 2 ml. CLINEE-TRIL on one liter of drinking water, once a week.

Clinee-Tril can also be given as a cure, several days in a row and

can be used throughout the year. So also during the moulting period.

To counter the dreaded pigeon problem; hold the youngsters and

give a double amount in the drinking water for 4 to 5 days

and a single amount over the feed (1 kg.).

Adding some extra vitamins on the 6 th day.