Chestnut-Bellied Seedeater Male

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The Chestnut-Bellied Seedeater is a handsome bird of Thraupidae family. This species is threatened by heavy trapping and changes in its habitat. It is a rare and local breeder, but in suitable conditions, they may occur in large numbers.

The adult male has mostly chestnut body and head, contrasting with the grey crown. Wings and tail are slate-grey to blackish. There is a white wing patch at base of primaries. Some males may have pale-tipped feathers on the underparts, giving less uniform appearance. The stout bill is black. The eyes are dark brown. Legs and feet are black.

The female is much duller, with warm sandy-brown upper parts with darker wings and tail. The wing-coverts are edged sandy-brown. The underparts are buff with whitish belly. Throat and breast can be sometimes whitish on middle too.
The bill is dark brown to blackish. Legs and feet are blackish.

The juvenile resembles female. The young male becomes later darker above and buffer below. Dark feathers may appear on the upper parts.

The Chestnut-Bellied Seedeater size is 10cm