Canary Lizard Male

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The Lizard Canary – one of the oldest breeds – is believed to have arisen as a mutation from canaries in France during the early 1700s.

To save this canary species, the Lizard Canary Association of Great Britain initiated a closely monitored breeding program.

Nowadays, it is now one of the most popular “Type Canaries”. Type canaries are bred for physical trait or shape rather than color or song. The Lizard Canary is bred specifically for the “spangled effect” of its feathers.

The Lizard Canary averages about 5.5 inches (14 cm) in length (including its tail).

This canary is named for its beautiful markings – the black crescent-shaped spots running down its back and breast, which resemble the scales of a lizard. This visual effect is known as “spangling”. The Lizard Canaries gradually lose this lizard-like pattern with each annual molt.