Canary Border

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The Border Canary evolved from the 'common' canary, bred in the North of England and the Scottish Borders from the 1700s.

Border Canaries are hardy birds with a well-rounded head and big, alert eyes.

Many color variations are available in aviculture, including yellows and buffs, clears, ticked, variegated, greens, cnnamons, and whites and blues.

Solid yellow or white colored Canaries are normally referred to as "clears" while solid green, cinnamon or blues are called "selfs". Pied canaries are known as "variegated" canaries

Border Fancys are most often confused with the Gloster Canary but can be differentciated by their song. Chopper notes can be heard by the Border while the Gloster sings with more of a Roller-Chopper mix