Corn Cob Bedding 32lb

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Brown’s® super soft 100% natural corn cob bedding is clean, comfortable, “Naturally Fresh” and free of aromatic oils. The coarse ground cob makes an ideal bedding material for small animals and birds. We super clean and filter all our bedding material to be virtually dust free, biodegradable, odorless & highly absorbent. At Brown’s® we know a clean cage is essential and our corn cob bedding creates an environment that helps ensure the health and well-being of your pet.

  1.25 CU /32 lbs

The #1 Choice for Bird Cage Litter: Corn cob bedding is ideal for bird cages because it’s heavier and stays in the cage pan during active times. When soiled, the clumps can be easily removed. Uneaten foods can be sifted out. Corn cob is simply longer lasting, more economical bedding.

• Non-Toxic & Biodegradable
• Odorless & Dust-Free
• Highly Absorbent
• Free of Aromatic Oils
• Easy Clean-Up