Finch Bronze Wing Mannikin Male

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Description: The sweet little Bronze-Winged Mannikin (Lonchura cucullata) comes from southern and central Africa. It has a beautiful sheen to its plumage and is adorable making it hard to resist by any avian enthusiast! These Bronze Winged Mannikins for sale are also referred to as Bronze Mannikin, Bronze Munia, Bronze-shouldered Mannikin, Bronze-wing, Swainson's Bronze Mannikin, Hooded Finch, Hooded Weaver-Finch, and Hooded Mannikin.

Size / Weight: 9-10 cm (3.5-4")

Lifespan: 5-12 years

Temperament: These interesting birds are active, vivacious, but may become sluggish if housed in a smaller enclosure. Please keep in mind they prefer to live in groups of like species. Bronze-Winged Mannikins tend to be generally gregarious, however, males may become aggressive toward each other and other species during the breeding season. 

Breeding: Breeding is restricted to the warm (rainy/wet) season, but may occur year-round near the equator. For best results, keep a group (at least 3 pairs and with equal numbers of cocks and hens) of these birds together to allow the birds to choose their own partners. Birds aged 1 to 4 years are best suited to breeding.

Diet: Classic Finch Seed, , Dried Egg Food,