BELGAVET Bevepe BVP 400 Tabs (160 g)

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The pill called "anti-thirst" is 100% natural. It is composed of minerals and carefully selected which help the pigeons to fly longer without a drink.

Administer 1 tablet per pigeon 2 hours prior to draping, the increase to 4 pills for the tests of long distance with a very hot weather.

- Crude protein of 42%,
- Calcium (5grams)
- Iron (250grams)
- Fat content of 2%,
- Phosphorous (6grams)
- 15 grams of manganese,
- 1% of fibers,
- 18 grams of sodium,
- Cu 16 grams,
- 6% ash,
- Magnesium (3grams)
- Zinc (70grams)
- potassium

Give an anti-thirst pill for 2 days while weaning the youngsters to prevent them from deteriorating because they eat poorly and drink little in the first days.

Before basketing 1 pill per pigeon and up to max. 4

pills during a heat wave.