Belgica De Weerd Belga Recharge

by Belgica De Weerd


Belgic De Weerd Belga Recharge is a high-quality protein preparation. It is ideal for a quick recovery and to prevent protein shortages during the racing season, the molt, and the breeding period. Belga Recharge is not only rich in protein but also fats, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and tannins. Due to the high protein content in combination with the presence of a broad spectrum of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, in particular, magnesium (2%) and calcium (2%), the recovery of your pigeons is supported after strenuous efforts. Belga Recharge also contains Essential Energy Plus to maximize the conversion of fats from the feed and thus optimize recovery and buildup to the next race.


Mix 1 measuring spoon (10g) with 1kg of feed, which is moistened with Belgas or Belgarlic + Vit. E.z

During the racing season: Use once or twice a week at the beginning of the week.

During the molting en breeding period: Use once or twice a week to support the growth of a shiny, silky-soft plumage and for the perfect extension of your youngsters.