Belgica De Weerd Belgabion Sachets Multi-Vitamins

by Belgica De Weerd


Belga Bion is a high quality, easy dissolving, balanced multivitamin preparation (containing 13 vitamins) based on an energy-carrying basis ensuring your birds get the most out of the race. This highly effective powder includes minerals and trace elements and also includes iron and iodine to help keep your birds healthy. Belga Bion is known worldwide for its rapid and effective treatment of vitamin deficiencies caused by stress before and after the races and during the breeding period. Belga Bion can also be used after treatments, along with our Belgabac, another worldwide product to stimulate the gut flora helping your birds recover staying fit and healthy all year round.


Administer one sachet in 3L of water or1½ kg grain* for one to two consecutive days.

During the racing season, Belga Bion can be administered once a week on a Tuesday


For the use of vitamin deficiency and as an energy boost, excellent during racing and breeding. 

Pharmaceutical Form

Powder – Available in packs of 10 sachets