Vet-Schroeder Tollisan Bacterial MegaOil 250 ml

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250 ml

Mega effect against young bird sickness! If the Kombikur (TKK Powder + Adeno-Coli Mix + Fungi + Matrix) does not work, take Bacterial MegaOil. The effect of Bacterial-MegaOil can be enhanced in combination with Matrix.

With vaccinations or other medical treatments always provide Med. Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water at the same time. In this way you can avoid side effects from the medications and also plumage damage. The protective effect of Med. Tollyamin Forte is very important for the liver of your pigeons!


20ml on 1kg of feed
+1 sachet matrix on 1kg of feed
+ 20ml Med. Tollyamin Forte into 1 liter of drinkingwater


Bacterial MegaOil