Avianvet Respir Plus 125 g

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Respir plus Avianvet is a complementary powdered food for birds. Contains brewer's yeast, micronized carob flour, eucalyptus essential oil, ravintsana essential oil and polyphenols.

Composition: Eucalyptus essential oils, ravintsara essential oil, thymol, powdered grape seed solubles rich in polyphenols and prociadins, dried brewer's yeast, micronized carob flour.

Analytical components: Crude protein 22.5%; gross ashes 17.9%; Crude fiber 3.6%; crude fat 0.10%; Humidity 8.5%; Sodium 0.03%; Magnesium 0%; Lysine 0%; Methionine 0%.

Mode of use and administration:  Use 10-15 grams per kilo of breeding paste or food.

Presentation: 125 g

 Supplementary feed for ornamental birds.

- Prevention of respiratory problems
- Can be combined with antibiotics
- To combine with egg food