Avianvet Punto Negro

by Avianvet

Punto Negro Avianvet is a complementary food for birds that contains a mixture of microencapsulated essential oils of oregano and eucalyptus.

Punto Negro Avianvet can be used the first days of life of the pigeons.

Composition of Punto Negro Avianvet:  Calcium carbonate 28%, Sodium chloride.

Additives per gram: Binders, anti-caking agents and coagulants: Vermiculite (E561) 0.22g.

Flavourings: Mixture of oregano and eucalyptus 0.30g.

Analytical components: Crude protein 0%, Crude fiber 0%; Crude oils and fats 10%, Crude ash 40%; Lysine 0.5%; Methionine 0%; Sodium 0%.

Target species: ornamental birds.

Mode of use and administration of Punto Negro Av ianvet : Use 10g per kilo of pasta or food continuously throughout the year. In the preparation phases of the black dot breeding, 20-30 g/kilo can be used for 15-21 days. The product is a micronized powder that can be used in porridge.

Presentation of Punto Negro Avianvet: 125 g 

Complementary food for ornamental birds