Avianvet Biotopic 250 ml

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Biotopic Avianvet is a natural dermatological solution based on Propolis, Melaleuca Oil and copper. Biotopic Avianvet favors the reestablishment of dermal function. It can be used for skin lesions, dermatitis, leg scabs, etc.

Biotopic Avianvet can be used in all types of birds, from dwarf hens, cage birds to large birds of prey.

Composition of Biotopic Avianvet: Copper; Propolis, Melaleuca Oil; Excipient cs

Target species: Ornamental birds

How to use Biotopic Avianvet:  Apply the product on the surface of the skin, 2 times a day, gently massaging the area. Apply daily until complete recovery. It can be applied on lesions of the beak legs and on the skin. Direct contact with the eyes should be avoided.

Presentation of Biotopic Avianvet: 8.45 oz (250 ml) bottle with sprayer.