Pigeon Carrier Army Fatigue

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This Carrier offers a lot of good features. It is a light canvas fatigue material that is washable. It has a pull out tray that makes it easy to clean, the entire carrier is fully ventilated so birds have plenty of air flow "no more hot birds in a hot carrier". It has a grated floor so birds are not standing on its droppings. It is collapsible and has clips on each side to keep it closed and able to store it in a good place.

Carriers are stack able great for homer training trucks

Size L*W*H:

16*12*8 inches/ 40*30*22 cm

20*12*9 inches/ 50*32*23 cm

24*14*9 inches/ 60*34*23 cm

27*14*9 inches/ 70*36*23 cm

32*15*9 inches/ 80*38*23 cm