Pantex Pulmomecticne Anti Wind Pipe Mite Skin Drops 10ml

by Pantex

Anti-windpipe mite skin-drop


Per ml: 0.12 mg ivermectine


Windpipe-mite in canaries, finches and other aviary birds. Scaly face in parakeets, light worm infections (roundworms) and lice in cage- and aviary-birds.

 Dosage and administration:

Treat all birds in the aviary by applying one drop (2 drops for larger birds) direct to skin on the back of birds neck. Repeat after 4 weeks.

Preventive treatment: 1 – 2 months before breeding season.


Avoid inhalation and contact with skin; In case of spills wash well with water.


Store between 15 °C and 25 °C,  protected from light and away from children.

 Shelf life:

3 years


10 ml (treatment for 200 birds) glass bottle with dropper.