Adenox -Adeno

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Adenox is suitable for remedying electrolyte and force loss to pigeons during periods of vomiting and loose stools. In addition, Adenox promotes digestion, strengthens and enhances the intestinal flora and improves fecal consistency. In addition, Adenox supports metabolism and brings energy resulting in an improvement in the general condition of the pigeon.

It is important that Adenox is administered at the first signs of vomiting and liquid stools. Adenox is recommended for up to three days after recovery.

Acetic acid / sodium acetate, glucose, potassium chloride, copper sulfate pentahydrate, formic acid / sodium formate, sodium chloride, propionic acid / sodium propionate, sorbic acid / sodium sorbitate, zinc chelate.


40 ml (= 2 measures) per liter of drinking water