Happy Beaks Fiesta Blocks for Small Birds

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Fiesta on the Blocks Chewing Bird Toy makes sure their bliss never stays cooped up thanks to a mix of materials to knock down stress. Your winged pal will beat boredom with flying colors as they peck into their natural instincts to chew and gnaw at the bird-safe materials of this toy.

  • - Fiesta on the Blocks Chewing Bird Toy from You & Me
  • - Helps relieve boredom for parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, and similar-sized birds
  • - Brings entertainment to their habitat with colorful wood blocks, plastic charms, and rope to let the good times fly
  • - Provides stimulation as birds instinctually seek to gnaw and chomp
  • - Includes a link connector for easy installment