2GR Breeding Cage 90 Portofino Art. 421

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2GR Gabbia Cova 90 Portofino

Gabbia Cova Da 90x40 cm

Item code: 421

Breeding cage 90 Portofino line of 2GR.  The back and sides are closed with green plastic panels, while the front has a black metal grid. The droppings drawers and the bottom grid are white. 

On the front of the cage there are 4 spring doors located at the top and suitable for placing nests and 2 larger spring doors located in the center and suitable for internal inspection. In addition, in the lower part of the front there are 4 small flaps for the positioning of the classic external feeders and two more flaps, with the corresponding guides, for the insertion of the internal feeders. The cage also has 2 drawers for the collection of droppings (white) and 2 partition grids to prevent the birds from coming into contact with the droppings. Finally, it can be divided into two equal parts by means of a special separating grid.

Accessories included:

4 ergonomic perches

4 external feeders

1 internal feeder

2 droppings collection drawers

2 horizontal separating grids for the droppings drawer

1 grid to divide the cage in two.

The cages can be joined together to form a single 180 cm aviary with the aviary conversion kit.

The hatching cage is collapsible, takes up very little space and can be easily disassembled and stored at the end of the season. It also allows for safer shipping.

Dimensions: cm. 91.5*42*44.5/36*16.5*17.5 inch



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