2GR Breeding Cage 120 Bormio Art. 401

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2GR Gabbia Cova 120 Bormio

Gabbia Cova Da 120x40 cm

Item code: 401

White wire breeding cage, includes accessories. Ideal for canaries, finches, budgies, and similar small birds. Available individually or discounted box of 2.

  • Stackable and collapsible
  • White wire breeding cage with plastic sides and wire back wall
  • Can be converted to longer flight cage with aviary system available

Each cage comes complete with:

  • 4 x nest box doors
  • 2 x main doors
  • 4 x feeder doors
  • 4 trough feeder doors
  • 2 x drinkers
  • 4 x feeders
  • 4 x perches
  • 2 x plastic pull-out drawer
  • 1 x solid plastic centre divider
  • 2 x wire bottom grill

Dim: cm. 122*42*44.5h/48*16.5*17.5 inch



Light Weight

New foldable cages for canaries, finches, parakeets, cockatiel. etc.