Oropharma Supervit 20 sachets

by Oropharma

Product presentation
Complementary feed for pigeons. Oropharma Supervit is a blend of 10 vitamins and 4 trace elements in a powder. This dietary supplement suppports growth, the pigeon's performance and the natural resistance against disease. Supervit moreover helps to reach optimal physical and mental fitness. Vitamins are dietary components that do not provide energy directly, but are essential for the correct functioning of the metabolism. With heavy exertion, illness or during growth the supply of vitamins via the food may be insufficient and then Supervit is recommended. Trace elements play an essential role in the pigeon's metabolism and proper growth in addition to vitamins. To ensure the top quality of vitamins and trace elements they are both packed separately and air and water tight.

Directions for use
1 double sachet of Supervit per litre of water (or per kg feed).
  • Competition pigeons: once a week (preferably in the middle of the week).
  • Breeding pigeons (from pairing): once a week.
  • Youngsters: once a week.
  • After treatment against illness (worms, trichomoniasis, coccidiosis, snot, paratyphus,
    paramyxovirus, a.o.): 2 consecutive days (after treatment against the disease).
  • During the moult: once a week.
Prepare the solution fresh every time.