Ropa-B Digestive Liquid 8.5oz

by Ropa-B

The oregano essential oil is used because of its antimicrobial properties, RopaBird strengthens the intestinal bacterial flora, reducing the number of harmful bacteria while increasing the number of beneficial bacteria. RopaBird stimulates and optimizes food digestion by stimulating bile production and the secretion of enzymes in the digestive tract.

During stress, intestinal cells are damaged by a mechanism called oxidative stress and the immune system weakens, birds become more susceptible to diseases and the general health status is affected.

The oregano essential oil is a potent antioxidant, and protects the bird during stressful situations such as: presence of pathogens or toxins, times of increased physical demand and increased risk of disease transmission.

The oregano essential oil is combined with other plant/spice oils in order to increase its efficacy. RopaBird Digestive Liquid or Oil can be used in combination with the other products within the RopaBird line. RopaBird Digestive Liquid or Oil may be given throughout the whole year.

Use: 5ml/L of drinking water, 3 days per week.
If necessary: up to 10ml/L of drinking water, maximum 5 consecutive days.