Acidified Copper Sulfate 16oz

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Several use of this product. Some use it as a preventative for canker by regular use in the drinking water,  treats blackhead disease in poultry and for prevention and treatment of Crop Fungus.

Acidified Copper Sulfate is used as an antimicrobial to sanitize water lines and waterers for poultry. It can also be used as a preventative and treatment for blackhead (histomoniasis) in turkeys and canker (trichomonosis) in chickens. Acidified Copper Sulfate is supplied as a 1-lb 
  • Source of supplemental copper for chickens and turkeys.
  • Can be used in water and feed.
  • Controls algae in evaporative cooling systems. Reduces algae in drinking water lines.
  • Economic source of soluble copper.
Dosage Treatment
To use, dilute 1 pound into 2 gallons of water. Then add this stock solution by mixing 1 ounce into 1 gallon of drinking water. To treat disease, give the final dilution as a sole source of drinking water for 7-10 days. Dump and replace the final dilution drinking water every 24 hours during the entire treatment period.

Can be used as a preventative for canker by regular use in the drinking water. 1/2 Teaspoon/Gallon of water twice a week. Also used in the bathwater, for getting rid of external parasites. 2 Heaping tablespoons for 3 to 5 gallons of bathwater.


Copper sulfate pentahydrate…………90.00%* Citric acid, anhydrous………………..10.00% * Supplies 22.9% elemental copper.